Strategy & Planning Overview

N A Wilson Associates has a range of tools designed to help you assess the needs of your population, review the services provided to them and identify your priorities going forward.


Strategy Development & Health System Analysis: NWA can help commissioners and providers to understand the health system landscape and develop a coherent strategy matching need, capacity and demand with the future policy direction. We can help with analysis, planning and implementation according to requirements. 


Market Assessments: Understanding how the market will develop is important for providers and commissioners. We offer a tailored package for providers identifying how their business is changing and where the risks and opportunities may be found.


Diagnosis and Opportunity Location: Using our comprehensive knowledge of benchmarking and information flows we can identify where there are opportunities to provide better quality and value within the system. We can work with you to develop these with clinicians into a programme of projects to deliver change


QIPP Programme Design: We can help you to assimilate the wide range of data and opportunities specific to your local system into a programme of priority work-streams, working closely with clinicians to ensure buy-in from local service providers.


Service Reviews: We have significant experience in reviewing services where commissioners or providers suspect there may be opportunities to improve quality and value. Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative data analysis, coupled with comprehensive literature review we can provide a full review of services and offer recommendations for change.



Strategy Development & Health System Analysis:

Developing Your Strategy Based on Robust Evidence:


We work with clients to gather together the wide range of information on past and current performance, across all aspects of the local health system to give a full picture of how well services are meeting demand and delivering quality, considering for example:

  • Impact of national policy changes on local services
  • Regional and national service strategies
  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • Benchmarking of acute activity and analysis of changing trends
  • Quantification of potential for shifting services into community settings


We cross reference this information to identify the key gaps in the current system provision and point to where the solutions are most likely to be found.


The scope of our analysis can be tailored to suit your requirements, and we offer a full service or can work with your staff to support and develop them through this process so that you retain the expertise for the future.

Market Assessments

Anticipating and Preparing for Future Change:


Recent and ongoing changes in national policy have created a turbulent environment for providers in the NHS. New legislative and regulatory requirements coupled with increasing competition from private sector providers create both opportunities and threats and providers need to have a clear understanding of how these changes are likely to affect their business.


Similarly, changes in NHS commissioning mean that providers will need to think differently about how they secure their business through the new Clinical Commissioning Consortia


We provide a full Market Assessment service based on your requirements, including for example:

  • Summary of national and regional policy environment and its likely impact on your organisation
  • Mapping of Local Health System
  • Identification and high-level analysis of main competitors and their strategies
  • Patient level analysis to establish patient flow patterns for core business
  • Identification of new growth areas


Diagnosis and Opportunity Location

Developing Your Case for Change:


The pressure on NHS organisations to improve quality and productivity has never been higher, with the nationally driven QIPP programme placing an expectation commissioners to save [£XM} by 2014.


Using our comprehensive knowledge of benchmarking and information flows we can identify where there may be opportunities to provide better quality and value within the system. For more detailed information on our benchmarking services see

Business Intelligence.


Whilst benchmarking identifies potential opportunities many commissioners have had difficulty realising the gains. Working with local clinicians, we employ a systematic process to help you to translate theoretical savings into practical services changes that will improve the quality and efficiency of your local system.

QIPP Programme Design

Delivering a QIPP Programme that Drives Change:


We have supported numerous commissioners to translate their strategies into practical service development programmes. Normally working with the results of our earlier analysis that has identified potential opportunities, we work with the client to establish:

  • Realistic attainable opportunities – financial and quality benefits
  • Programme groups and project areas and overall governance structures
  • Key Stakeholders – involve, consult, inform
  • Availability of necessary clinical input, knowledge and skills and any potential capacity gaps/bottlenecks
  • Likely Timescales
  • Risks and mitigation


Based on this information we work with clients to prioritise projects and programmes to design a programme that balances the magnitude of gains with the need for early success that will energise teams and ensure that progress is maintained.



Service Reviews

Service provision within the NHS often cuts across many providers and it can be difficult for commissioners to establish which parts of the system are providing effective services and those areas that are adding less value.
We have significant experience in reviewing services for commissioners, and have undertaken reviews at local and regional level for services such as:

  • Radiotherapy
  • Sub-Fertility
  • Major Trauma
  • Renal
  • Intermediate Care,
  • Primary Care Medical Services.


Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative data analysis, coupled with comprehensive literature review we can provide a full review of services, develop recommendations for change and oversee implementation, as required.