Service Development Overview

All our consultants and clinicians have senior experience in designing and delivering change programmes across the NHS and we can help to bring a new energy and perspective to your team. Working alongside you or embedded in your team we will challenge and guide you to develop solutions that work, ensuring that stakeholders are involved to ensure buy-in for sustainable change.


For longer projects we can be there to see it through with you through regular ongoing support or interim project leadership as required.


Primary Care Development:

Helping Commissioning Consortia get the best out of primary care both in terms of value from GMS/PMS services and by increasing the range of services offered in primary care settings


Care Pathway Re-design: Applying our clinical and managerial expertise in service reviews and using our direct experience from other health systems we can help you to drive new developments to attain sustainable quality and productivity benefits.


Programme and Project Management: We offer a full project management service from short interventions to develop plans through to interim Programme and project management as required


Project Facilitation: We understand how important it is to bring everyone along with you as projects develop and can offer a comprehensive facilitation service for small project groups or for wider stakeholder events to develop project priorities etc.


Commissioning for Equity

Are You Comissioning for Equity?


CCG Commissioners now have a legal responsibility to reduce health outcome inequalities, as part of their service and investment strategies. In order to do this, they must first understand how the pattern of investment compares with how their local population should be funded (as defind by the national formula.


However, the historic pattern of commissioning spend often results in less being spent on disadvantaged populations due to a number of factors, such as propensity to seek care along with the availability and quality of relevant local services in such areas.


Most CCG will be familiar with patterns of variation in resource utilisation for acute services, but few make the compariso of utilization and spend across all service at practice level. Where we have carried ou ths analysis for commissioners, the results have been revealing and have usually identified obvious gaps in funding for more disadvantaged communities.


Are your disadvantaged populations getting their fair share of funding in order to improve health outcomes?


Our comprehensive analysis package can help you find out. We benchmark differences in total funding levels at practice level considering the level of need, scope and quality of service provision aganst overall system resource utilisation to establish ho fairly resources are being employed.


We can provide a range of packages to support CCGs in undertaking this analysis:


  • complete analysis service, with follow through o a service development strategy
  • complete analysis, identifying areas of opportunity for CCGs to work through
  • support and additional capacity to help CCGs run the analysis 'in-house', speeding up the process and avoiding potential pitfalls 

Care Pathway Re-design

Redesigning Services for Quality and Efficiency:


We understand how complex care pathways can be, particularly for patients with multiple conditions, and ensuring good links across all treatment interfaces is always a challenge. Engaging with clinicians, particularly GPs in their coordinating and gate-keeping role is vital for designing successful care pathways.


Our approach is to work closely with your key clinicians and managers in order to:

  • Produce a detailed map of the current pathway and its associated processes
  • Conduct comprehensive analysis of activity data to establish actual patient flows
  • Assimilate information on where difficulties arise within the current pathway
  • Analyse current processes to identify waste
  • Compare pathways with current evidence on what works (literature review)
  • Identify any unique considerations in relation to the local system
  • Provide GAP analysis identifying differences in actual and expected pathway, and areas where current practice is contrary to current evidence on good practice
  • Develop proposals for change

We can be there with your team from beginning to end, providing project leadership or providing regular input and challenge as required. See also Service Reviews

Project Facilitation

For more involved system wide projects it is often helpful to have a skilled facilitator to coordinate your group work and inject the necessary energy whilst helping to avoid unnecessary conflict. Drawing on extensive project experience our consultants can bring a sense of urgency to your work and will challenge you to think differently about how you approach group projects.

Our approach ensures that all members of the group have an opportunity to input into the discussion. We introduce tools for thinking through and structuring problems and set challenging deadlines for action, breaking down tasks into a series of manageable chunks.


We can work with multi-facilitators for large project workshops and on an individual level to coordinate project teams.

Programme and Project Management

We offer a full project management service from short interventions to develop plans through to interim programme and project management as required including:

  • Review of project proposals
  • Full project costing service
  • Mapping of resource implications and timing for project team
  • Assessment of organisational capacity and skills to complete work
  • Design and application of project governance and controls to suit scale of the work
  • Development of staged project plan with clear outcome measures
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategy
  • Project leadership through implementation (as required)