Business Intelligence Overview

Informed Commissioning – building strategies on evidence:


Developing robust strategies requires that commissioners understand the activity and financial flows of their system in real depth. We can bring to your team the additional expertise you need to achieve this.


Several of our consultants specialise in this area and we were the only external advisor used by the Audit Commission in their Review of PbR. Our unique understanding of PbR and the subtle interrelationships within it means that we can help commissioners to unravel what is really happening beneath the data through:


Benchmarking services and the Commissioning Radar : Understand the pattern of services and expenditure compared with other similar health systems.


Shift Opportunity Analysis :Identify where there are real opportunities to shift services closer to patients, quantifying the likely realistic financial effect of makings such shifts


Coding and Counting Reviews: To ensure that acute providers are charging correctly and to identify where increasing costs or changes in activity may be attributed to coding rather than clinical changes, often delivering significant savings for commissioners


In line with our NHS ethos, most of our models are designed so that clients can continue to use them after our input has finished.

Benchmarking - The Commissioning Radar

Benchmarking: Using our own unique benchmarks drawn from a complete copy of the national data analysed by our specialists we help commissioning consortia examine and understand the local pattern of services and expenditure compared to other health systems and identify opportunities for service improvements and savings.


The Commissioning Radar: Is our bespoke tool for benchmarking local performance across a range of national comparators including overall spend patterns, public health, acute activity and primary care.


Interpretation: Moving from theoretical benchmarking opportunities to practical projects can be difficult. We provide a back-up service to help commissioners interpret the benchmarking results and translate them into realistic service development projects

Shift Opportunity Analysis

Based on clinical input, we have developed our methodology to identify realistic opportunities to move care from acute to primary or new community settings, delivering change at practice level.


Part of this model concentrates on Long Term Conditions pathways, where significant gains in terms of both quality and productivity can be made. We identify where the opportunities may be found, quantify the likely level that can be achieved and depending on your need can develop projects with you to realise these opportunities.


In line with our NHS ethos we ensure clients have a live copy and can update it or run their own “what if” analyses after our initial intervention

Coding And Counting Review

Using our unique combination of finance and NHS metrics knowledge (we were the only external advisor used by the Audit Commission in their Review of PbR) we have conducted reviews on over 75 of England’s 167 acute trusts, clarifying care pathways and delivering significant savings for commissioners.


Our Coding Review provides a valuable tool for identifying coding and billing variances from the norm, or against previous years. This helps to clarify what activity figures and trends really mean to aid planning and also supports assertive negotiation with Providers.